Virtual Commissioning™ (VCx™) Track

The VCx™ Track is a free service for small to mid-size businesses to receive custom energy savings recommendations for your building. VCx™ participants have seen up to 13% in reduced energy usage.

Our team of energy advisors uses your facility’s existing smart meter to analyze energy data and create customized energy-saving recommendations. Participation is fast and easy with no eligible equipment criteria, no fees, no enrollment paperwork, and no on-site visits.

How it works

  1. Data-driven insights
    A dedicated energy advisor remotely analyzes energy usage data from your smart meter to pinpoint custom-tailored solutions for your facility.
  2. Personalized recommendations
    Your energy advisor provides you with one-on-one guidance and recommendations that are easy to implement and at little to no cost to you.
  3. Virtually delivered
    No on-site visits or in-person audits are required. Communication with your energy advisor is provided virtually.
  4. Proven results
    Your energy advisor confirms, measures, and verifies the energy savings from your changes, and monitors progress to ensure long-term savings success for your business.

Common Virtual Commissioning Track Improvements

The VCx Program is highly optimized, taking only a few hours of your time. Energy-saving opportunities are quickly delivered to include recommendations like:

  • Optimizing equipment schedules to match actual occupancy
  • Managing equipment start-up and shut-down schedules
  • Identifying equipment setbacks to address unnecessary use and expense

VCx™ participant example: Small business

The results:

  • 378,064 kWh in annual energy savings
  • $39,120 in avoided annual energy costs
  • 295 tons of CO2 emissions avoided

Example: developing an energy solution

While reviewing a facility’s energy usage profile, a VCx energy advisor noticed potentially unnecessary daily demand between 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm and weekend usage when the building was unoccupied. A tailored recommendation was created with several no-cost, easy-to-implement operational adjustments to reduce energy usage.

VCx™ Track resources

Download DTE Retro-Commissioning VCx™ Track program resources:

VCx™ Track fact sheet