Standard Track Program

Receive a detailed assessment of your building’s systems with an investigative retro-commissioning study fully funded by DTE Energy—valued at up to $80,000.


  1. Application
    Our team of experts works with you to see if your building qualifies for the RCx Program and assists you with completing the application documents.
  2. Investigation
    Your building systems will be assessed by our energy engineers to identify energy-saving measures and their savings & implementation cost estimates. You select the improvements you would like to make.
  3. Implementation
    Your team will implement the upgrades of your choosing.
  4. Verification
    Documentation will be collected for the implemented measures to verify the energy savings.
  5. Gratification
    Our team will present to you the details of your year-over-year energy and cost savings and send you the incentive for successful completion of the project.

Common Standard Track Improvements

  • Optimize scheduling to ensure equipment and lighting are operating only when needed
  • Optimize economizer controls
  • Adjust supply air temperature and fan speed
  • Optimize chiller and boiler operations to match building load conditions
  • Optimize process cooling and heating

Who is Eligible For The Program?

Commercial and industrial DTE customers striving to save energy, reduce operating costs, and improve building performance can maximize their efforts through the RCx Program. Selection criteria for participating include:

  • Annual electric energy consumption of 5,000,000 kWh
  • Controls system with the capability to schedule units on/off, make adjustments, and if possible, adjust operational parameters from an operator interface
  • Agreement to a minimum commitment of $10,000 to implement the energy efficiency improvements identified in the study with a combined estimated simple payback of 18 months or less

Standard Track Resources

Below you can view and download the DTE Retro-Commissioning Standard Track resources, including detailed fact sheets, a project case study, and a program snapshot that highlights program results.

The Retro-Commissioning Program was featured in the DTE Energy Smarts Magazine in the Spring 2022 edition.