Q. Am I still eligible if I’m serviced by DTE Electric and Consumers Gas?
A. Yes.

Q. What energy savings can I expect?
A. We target to save you 4-5% of your annual energy usage.

Q. For the Standard Track, who should complete the Application? Where should it be sent?
A. We require you to work with your chosen Service Provider when completing the Application. This allows them to become more familiar with your facility and provide assistance to you throughout the application process. Your completed Application can be sent by your Service Provider to: DTERCx@esciences.us.

Q. Who can do the work? If I have more than one facility do I have to use the same firm?
A. For the Standard Track, You can choose from our list of qualified Service Providers to work with you on your RCx project. You do not need to use the same Service Provider on all your RCx projects. For the Express Track, you can use the controls contractor you typically work with or we can suggest one. You do not need to use the same Controls Contractor on all your RCx projects.

Q. Will this impact tenant comfort?
A. Retro-commissioning will only increase tenant comfort as it identifies operational system improvements that minimize energy consumption while still meeting building/tenant needs.

Q. For the Standard Track, Why does the program have a customer minimum spending commitment?
A. The study is fully funded by DTE Energy. The minimum spending commitment is a way to show that the customer is committed to implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) identified by the Service Provider.

Q. For the Standard Track, When should I expect report(s) to be shared with me?
A. The first report is expected to be delivered to the Customer by the end of the Investigation phase, within 2-4 months from kickoff, and the second report is expected 1-2 months after Implementation is complete.

Q. Can I utilize in-house staff during implementation?
A. We recommend that you hire your preferred contractor(s). However, you are allowed to utilize in-house staff, depending on their capabilities and availability.

Q. Who is Energy Sciences?
A. Energy Sciences is a contractor of DTE Energy responsible for implementing the Retro-Commissioning Program.