Express Track Program

Receive a free targeted assessment from the RCx team to increase the energy efficiency of your building and process systems without needing to dedicate a lot of time or resources.


Commercial and industrial DTE customers seeking energy savings are eligible for the RCx Program. Selection criteria for participating include:

  • Annual electric energy consumption of 1,000,000 kWh (approximately 75,000 sq ft or greater)
  • Have a control system with the capability to schedule units on/off, make adjustments, and if possible, adjust operational parameters from an operator interface


1. Investigation
The RCx energy engineers work with your team and a controls contractor of your choice to assess and identify specific energy-saving opportunities.

2. Implementation
Approved improvements are made on the spot during the investigation – you will start seeing energy savings right away.

3. Verification
Our team will collect information on the implemented measures to verify the energy savings.

4. Gratification
Our team will present to you the details of your year-over-year energy and cost savings and send you the incentive for successful completion of the project.

Common Express Track Improvements

  • Optimize scheduling to ensure equipment and lighting are operating only when needed
  • Optimize economizer controls
  • Adjust supply air temperature and fan speed
  • Adjust supply air pressure setpoint
  • Improve compressed air operation