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Retro-Commissioning Program

Managing your building’s energy use can be complex. DTE Energy works with our customers to provide cost-effective, highly-customized retro-commissioning solutions based on your specific building’s needs. Additionally, we offer energy expertise and valuable incentives to help offset the initial cost of investment to make improvements to your building—helping you save more in the future.

Retro-Commissioning helps you:

  • Overcome building changes so you can enjoy comfortable and productive work environments
  • Decrease your energy and maintenance spending
  • Increase your ability to maintain existing occupants while also attracting new ones
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Benefits of the Program

Retro-commissioning is a systematic process for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements to your building systems and equipment to ensure continued performance over time. Your facility can benefit from:

  • lower operating costs
  • reduced maintenance spending
  • improved occupant comfort/productivity without making large capital investments.

What DTE Energy Offers

DTE Energy Retro-Commissioning Program Tracks

There are two tracks to the Retro-Commissioning Program to ensure we can help customers of various sizes reduce their energy usage.

1. Standard Track

The Standard Track takes a deep dive into the building’s controls systems. A qualified Service Provider will conduct this assessment and suggest measures to be implemented by a controls contractor.

Standard Track

2. Express Track

This Express track was created for smaller buildings that were not a fit for the Standard Track. This is a find and fix program where a controls contractor, of your choice or our suggestion, will look to implement a specific set of controls optimizing measures.

Express Track