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Retro-Commissioning Program

Managing your building’s energy use doesn’t have to be complex. We work with you through the DTE Retro-Commissioning Program (RCx) to provide cost-effective, highly customized retro-commissioning solutions based on your building’s specific needs. With energy expertise and valuable incentives to help offset improvement costs, RCx enables you to save more energy and money.

Benefits of RCx:

  • Decrease your energy and maintenance spending
  • Overcome building changes so you can enjoy comfortable and productive work environments
  • Reduce wear-and-tear on your equipment to maintain continued performance over time
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What DTE Energy Offers

DTE Energy Retro-Commissioning Program Tracks

The RCx Program has 2 tracks to help businesses of all sizes save energy:

1. Standard Track

The Standard Track takes a deep dive into your building and process controls systems. Our dedicated energy engineers will conduct a detailed study and suggest energy efficiency opportunities.

Standard Track

2. Express Track

At no cost, the Express Track includes one day with our energy engineers working alongside your team and a controls contractor of your choice to identity and repair targeted energy efficiency opportunities.

Express Track

Energy Efficiency is an important part of the DTE CleanVision, our goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Learn more at dtecleanenergy.com.